Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flea Market

Every Sunday, two flea markets are open in my area.  The Route 15 flea market, former home of the Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre, is in Lewisburg.  The other is just off I-180 in between Milton and Watsontown.  I call it the Watsontown Flea Market because I don't know its real name or even if it has one.  A new flea market just opened in Milton this past Saturday.  I will try to remember to visit the new Milton Flea Market this weekend. 

The pictures above are of the Route 15 Flea Market indoor area.  The top one shows one aisle with a food stand in the foreground.  I often buy Celestial Seasonings Tea at this particular stand for just $2 per box.  The second picture shows the restaurant area where one can get a full dinner, a sandwich, or a fried snack.  I don't often eat here, but I wanted to show you the picture. 

The Watsontown Flea Market is my favorite.  But, even though I had my camera with me, I forgot to take pictures.  I will try to remember next week, if the weather is nice.  The problem with the Watsontown Flea Market is that it opens at something like 4 AM and everyone is cleared out by noon.  I am having less trouble with insomnia lately, so I should be able to go to this flea market more regularly.  The Christmas ornament above cost $1.  But my best find this past Sunday was this:

A box, you say?  Well, yes, but not just any box.  It is a huge, maple (I think) silverware box.  I have been looking for a silverware box for a long time.  I saw some on Ebay, but none at a price I wanted to spend, especially when you add in shipping.  The box above cost $5.  I think I got a good buy!

Wow!  Is that hot pink or what?!  My Mom gave me her good silverware some time ago.  It is 1847 Rogers Daffodil pattern silver-plate.  And now it has a nice home. 

I can't show you everything I got at the flea markets this past Sunday, because I did find one or two Christmas presents!  But I also found these old hats for a buck each.  Two of them are too small for me, though.  I may put them back in case I get a granddaughter some day.  Or maybe I'll sell them on Ebay!

Only 25 cents each! 

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