Friday, April 6, 2012


I have a pretty small yard.  I am trying to plant it with the eventual goal of having no grass.  Part of the plan is introducing rocks into the garden.  In Pennsylvania, one can get a permit from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to collect two tons of rocks for $10.60, including tax.  So the other day, I drove to Millmont and got my rock collecting permit.  Today, I packed the dog and drove up to some nearby State Game Lands and got some rocks.  I found a nice patch of rocks from which I will be able to get my allotment.

I'd love to have that one!  It's bigger than my car, though... Plus, I'm not sure if I could lift it by myself.   I used to have a pick up truck, which made rock collecting a lot easier.  Now, I have a teeny Plymouth Neon that already rides low to the ground, so I have to be careful not to overload the trunk!

I collected a trunk-load of rocks, then took Sage out for a little walk.  Here's a pathway that probably used to be an access to the Interstate which runs just beyond the tree line.

 It's funny sometimes the things you find in an otherwise fairly pristine wilderness:

 Yes, it's a tricycle.  Why?

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