Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HUP (Hands Up People) and other thoughts 3/29

     I went for a walk today and thought about this blog.  I knew that I would be twitching and tweaking things about it as I went along.  The initial name, "universally remote," just came to me as I was thinking about names.  I used it so that I could just get on with it, if you know what I mean.  I originally wanted to call it "borscht," but that domain was taken.  

railroad underpass 3/29/11
    So, as I walked along, camera in tow, I decided to switch the name to "My Life in Milton."  I believe this name more accurately depicts my goal for this blog, and gives me a little direction and focus.

     I moved to Milton 15 months ago from Moriarty, NM.  I was born in the next town over, Lewisburg, PA.  

HUP clothing section
My walk today included a stop at one of my favorite stores, HUP.  HUP stands for Hands Up People, and is a combination thrift store and recycling center.  I can almost always find a little something here to add to my home.  Today, I found a picture frame that I know a friend will like, a measuring cup that has a scale on
HUP household section
it, a couple of cute baskets for Easter, two paperbacks, a small painting, a black evening bag, and two jars of Parmesan cheese -- all for about ten bucks.  
evening purse

HUP is located at the intersection of Mahoning Street (SR 642) and Willow Street in Milton (just across the Mahoning Street railroad tracks).  

     It's funny what you see when you walk.  I was on Arch Street when I saw this odd sight:  
Dead Crow

 At first, I thought it was a duck decoy.  Then I looked a little closer.  I'm pretty sure this is a dead crow that was hit by a vehicle and thrown into the branches of this tree.  Weird, right?  

Rock that I covet. 
  I did see some nicer sights on my walk, too.  This a rock that decorates one of my neighbor's yards.  I pass it all the time.  I love this rock.  If my neighbor ever wakes up one morning and the rock is missing, they should check my yard first thing!  
Rock, again.
These pictures don't do this rock justice at all.  It must be a limestone and it is studded with sparkly quartz crystals all over it.  I've been in love with rocks ever since I was little.  I had a bunch of rocks from New Mexico that I was bringing here to PA when I moved.   My U-Haul trailer was stolen in Midwest City, OK and I wonder what the thieves thought when they opened up a couple of boxes of rocks.  I miss those rocks.  I had a couple of really nice ones that I found in Riley, NM, which is this cool ghost town in the middle of nowhere.  


crocus with tulip leaves
   Anyway.  I'll conclude this post with a few pictures of the coming spring.  It's been mighty cold for March here in central PA.  The weather is the topic on everyone's mind.  Thankfully, we have a few sweet reminders that winter will not last forever!

Kathy 3/29

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