Sunday, March 25, 2012

Decorah Bald Eagles

My Mom is totally into watching eagles on the web.  One can watch webcams of eagle nests located in Norfolk, Virginia; Channel Island, California; and lots of other places in the USA and around the world.  The most famous and most watched of the webcams, for some reason, is Decorah, Iowa.  As of this writing, the nest at Decorah contains three eggs.  The first "pip" (when the eaglet pecks at the egg from inside) should happen any second.  This is huge for avid eagle watchers!   These people are more obsessed with eagles than Penn State fans tailgating at Beaver Stadium.  The Decorah, Iowa eagle webcam, provided by the Raptor Resource Project, is apparently the most-watched webcam of any kind at all in the world.  And, although I am not an "eagle groupie," I do enjoy watching every single day  once in a while!


The cameras last year were a bit fuzzy, but the operators of the Raptor Resource Project installed new cameras and they are great!    The new cameras can zoom in and out.  They can pan the landscape, too.  These are screenshots I took from their live feed on ustream.

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