Friday, March 9, 2012


Aunt Toni and her son, Walter.

Here's what I understand about my father's mother's family:  Her name was Emma Tascheit.  She had a sister, Elsa.  And a brother, name unknown.  The brother married a woman named Lola.  I called her Tetya Lola.  Her daughter's name was Toni.  I called her Aunt Toni, but she was technically my cousin.  Auntie Elsa married a man from Scotland, so she had left Russia before the war.  That was how my father was able to reconnect with her.  My mom recently told me how he found Lola and Toni.  After WWII, people commonly posted their name in a public area, like a town square.  Then friends and relatives could check the list.  Lola and Toni also moved to New York City.  Toni eventually moved back to Germany.  She had a son, Walter.   Now -- a few more pictures.

Aunt Toni (my cousin)

Aunt Toni visiting our home in Lewisburg, PA.

Aunt Toni.
Aunt Winnie
 The above picture is Aunt Winnie, Auntie Elsa's daughter, so she is really my cousin, right?  Anyway, check out the necklace.  It is made of Faberge or Faberge style eggs.  Pretty cool!  

More family pictures and information later......

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