Friday, March 9, 2012

Vadim Drozin

I am very blessed to be living in the age of computers.  The world is getting smaller.  World War II displaced many people.  Families were torn apart.  The internet is bringing families together again.  My father, Vadim Drozin, born in Russia, ended up in the United States.  Having now found members of his (and my) family, I will post these pictures so they can see their long lost Uncle, Father, Brother, Cousin.

 When Papa came to America, he, like so many immigrants, landed in New York City.  He started life in the USA as a doctoral student at Columbia University.  New York is the great meeting place of the world, and here the Russian tradition of "Zakuska" is carried on.   Papa is the young man wearing glasses at the head of the table.  I do not know who the others are.  My guess is that they are ex-pat Russians and university colleagues.

 My mother and I still put together Zakuskas every once in awhile.  We'll have potato salad with beets, herring, caviar, rye bread, eggplant caviar, olives, and pickles.  We forgo the vodka these days, though.  I haven't had blini in awhile, come to think of it.  Maybe I'll look for a recipe somewhere....

I am thinking that this is Papa's apartment in NYC.  I include this photo because of the radio.  Today this radio still works and is in my brother's living room.  The sight of this radio always brings good memories.



Here are a couple of head shots my father had taken from time to time to accompany various professional publications of his.  I think the one on the left was taken in Goettingen, Germany.  The one on the right was taken in the USA, probably NYC in the '50's.

More later..............

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