Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ice Sculptures in Lewisburg 2013.

I went to Lewisburg yesterday afternoon and managed to remember to bring my camera!  The Lewisburg Ice Festival was last weekend, but the weather has been cold enough that the ice sculptures were still, by and large, intact.  Last year, they all melted within a day or two.  Some of the sculptures I photographed looked great.  Others were showing a bit of wear, especially those that got the most sunlight.   So here we go, on with the show!  

Let's start in Hufnagle Park, where the Ice Sculpturing takes place.  This year, the main attraction was the Polar Bear.  The "Polar Bear Swim" in the Susquehanna River was cancelled this year because the river was running too fast.  But the Polar Bears in the Park were quite entertaining!   

Mama Bear
 Remember -- these sculptures were crafted more than a week before I took the pictures, so, they are looking pretty good, all things considered!

Baby bears!

Mama and Cubs
Hufnagle Park gets a lot of sunshine during the day.  A couple of sculptures there were unidentifiable by the time I got there.  Sunday afternoon, when I took the pictures, the temperature was in the upper 30's.  It was the warmest day since the sculpturing took place.  I walked up one side of Market Street and down the other to take pictures of the sculptures.  You will find it easy to see which ones got the most sun during the week.  You might think that the south side of Market Street would get the most sun, but, apparently, the sculptures on the south side fared better through the week. 

Abraham Lincoln

Native American Chief

Money bag!

Money bag detail.  I tried to get the $ sign.

Covered wagon.

Mountain home.


?? Perhaps a parking meter?



Head of a pig.  Body of wings.  I think this is a representation of a Harley Davidson Hog!

Another view of the "hog."

The pictures above all showed ice sculptures that were clear and fairly well identifiable.  They were all on the south side of Market Street.  Crossing the road to the north side, you will see that the sculptures are rather "frosted" and showing more signs of weathering.

Stage Coach

??? No idea??

Frosty Mug in front of the Towne Tavern.


Wind Mill

Hard to see.  I think it is a Fish.


???  If I had to guess, I would say, "Joker."

Wolf or Dog

Wishing Well.

Dutch Boy?

Eagle.  I love this one.  I think it took on an added dimension from being sunburned!
  Well.  I'm glad I remembered my camera and was able to show you the Ice Sculptures of 2013.  I have some more Ice Sculptures to show you.  Check out my next post.  

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