Monday, February 4, 2013

Milton Harvest Festival Parade - Classic Cars

I'm late enough in publishing these posts about the Milton Harvest Festival, so let's get on with the pictures!  Parade day was beautiful.  Arts and crafts booths were set up along Broadway and along Bound Avenue.  And people lined Front Street all along the parade route to enjoy the spectacle.  I staked my place right across from the "grandstand," which was actually a flat bed of a truck with a canopy.  

Next year, if I remember, I'm going to suggest that the truck get some decoration on it!  Maybe some bunting and some mums or pumpkins and corn stalks!  The parade was pretty lengthy, so I'll break these posts into categories -- the first one being "Classic Cars!" 

Dodge Charger

 I'm not an expert on classic cars, I just like them!  So I don't have particulars like the year or the engine size and whether or not it has dual hemis or anything.  Sometimes, I don't even know the model!  But I know I like them! 


Please correct me in the comments, if you see an incorrect caption.  Or add any information you wish! 


 Many of the classic cars carried the Harvest Festival pageant contestants! 

More parade highlights in the next post!

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